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“A society for state of art”– MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY

Dr. KapilKochharstarted  a society with the name of "Tubular Vision" which has gynecologists and surgeons as members from all over India and abroad.

“Going under the Knife" has always been a fear lived by practically every human. Whenever we talk about an operation, the first thing that comes to mind is - "Oh God! They are going to cut me open…." Well, not anymore! Reducing the size of incisions has been a dream of surgeons for hundreds of years and with Laparoscopy, they have been able to achieve just that.”

Minimally Invasive Surgery as the name suggests is doing conventional surgical procedures with small incisions or without incisions at times. It causes minimal trauma to the human body and hence is gaining popularity in leaps and bounds.
The advantages of minimally invasive surgery (MIS) are:-

  1. Cosmetically better or almost invisible scars
  2. Less amount of pain to the patient
  3. Early recovery
  4. Quick return to work

Majority of these operations are performed through a set of special instruments called LAPAROSCOPE. In laparoscopy tiny holes are made in the patient’s body and a telescope attached to camera is introduced in the body. Following this, specially designed long instruments are used to perform surgery continuously viewing the internal images on the monitor/TV surgery.

Previously only very few procedures could be done by laparoscopy but with rapid advances in technology a vast majority of cases can be done by laparoscopy today e.g. removal of gall bladder, appendix, kidney,hernia repair,hemorrhoids ,weight loss surgery, uterus, ovarian cyst fibroids,etc. Besides this laparoscopy is also very helpful in treatment of female infertility & also in cancerous cases if the case is detected at an early stage.

However there are very few institutions in our country that provide proper training in this field. But as awareness about this concept is increasing, people living in remote areas and also people from other countries, have also started asking for these kind of surgeries. And as the number of laparoscopic procedures is increasing, so are the number of complications with laparoscopic surgeries.The reason for this is lack of proper training amongst surgeons and gynecologists.

Tubular Vision is an association of surgeons, gynecologists,anesthetists and even physicians well experienced in field of minimally invasive surgeries.The primary aim of the organization is to spread awareness about Minimally Invasive Surgery all over the India & other countries. We provide technical & medical support to establish and run new laparoscopic facility anywhere in india and abroad.The latest venture in foreign land was providing laparoscopic surgery support for the first IVF centre of Afghanistan at Kabul.

 Tubular Vision organizes regular workshops to create awareness about MIS both amongst general public and physicians. Tubular Vision conducts regular CME and training programs for young surgeons who want to get specialized training in laparoscopic surgery.Those desirous of availing such benefits or hands on training in MIS are free to contact us.For overseas doctors we make arrangements of their stay in India at economical packages besides assisting them in visa formalities, foreign exchange, local travel etc.Besides these training programmes we have self explanatory CDs and DVDs of commonly performed  laparoscopic surgical and gynaecologicalprocedures.Copies of these can be obtained from our office.

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